The WP2200 ASPIS INTERFACE will define the set of functions and protocols to interface the DB with other applications, the web-based, graphical interface to the DB, that will incorporate both the query and retrieval form, plus the visualization and analysis products provided by NODE1000 WPs, and the library of functions in Python, to allow access to the data in the DB, and to the whole range of visualization, analysis and models provided by NODE1000 WPs, with the aim of easing the access and use of the data collected in the ASPIS DB.

It is worth specifying that the Web GUI will be designed to reply to user requests in synchronous and asynchronous modes. In the synchronous mode, the user can view immediately the results, in the asynchronous mode the job will be launched in the background mode and the system will send an email to the user at the end of the execution with the results links. Moreover, one or more specific panels on the Web GUI will be devoted to the Near Real Time (NRT) representation of relevant data, for continuous monitoring of the solar-terrestrial conditions.

Developing and maintaining the module would greatly broaden the audience of users, thus largely increasing the value of the ASPIS project as a whole. This added value expectation is based on the examples of libraries, such as solarsoft or, more recently, sunpy. These experiences have set a new standard on how to get and analyse data, providing the user with friendly, reliable and documented routines for finding, selecting and accessing the data. Also, they provide tools expressly developed to analyze the data for the domain or explicit topic they were built for, including models to interpret them.