CAESAR at a glance

CAESAR has the ambition to tackle all the relevant aspects of Space Weather (SWE) science and to realize the prototype of the scientific data centre for Space Weather of the the Italian Space Agency (ASI) called ASPIS (ASI SPace Weather InfraStructure). To this end, CAESAR rallies a great part of the SWE Italian community, bringing together 11 Italian institutions, and 84 researchers with complementary and internationally recognised expertise.

CAESAR will adopt an unprecedented, multidisciplinary, and integrated approach, encompassing the whole chain of phenomena from the Sun to the Earth up to planetary environments. In particular, CAESAR will investigate: active Sun as the source of SWE drivers (flares, CMEs, SEPs); propagation of SWE drivers and perturbed conditions in the interplanetary space; solar wind-Earth’s magnetoshere-ionosphere coupling; planetary space weather; galactic cosmic ray modulation; SWE hazards for technological systems and human exploration. 

CAESAR will select a number of well-observed “target SWE events”, which exhibit extreme SWE characteristics from several perspectives, for detailed and comprehensive study in order to showcase the proposed approach.

CAESAR investigations will synergistically exploit different products, that will be made available in ASPIS.

CAESAR ultimate goals are: 1) advance the understanding of the origin and evolution of SW phenomena; 2) provide both novel and longstanding data, codes and models; 3) design, implement and populate with such products the ASPIS prototype in a flexible user-friendly infrastructure; 4) pave the way to future advanced SWE forecasting capabilities; 5) ensure efficient dissemination and foster future studies.