Galactic Cosmic Ray Modulation

SWE events modulate the intensity of Galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) in the whole Heliosphere, producing changes in their fluxes depending on the time and position in the Heliosphere and particle characteristics. The purpose of the WP 1600 Galactic Cosmic Ray Modulation is to use GCRs as a proxy in order to achieve a deeper understanding of the heliospheric environment, solar activity and the physical processes involved in the GCR modulation itself. This will require a combination of state of the art modelling and precise GCR measurements, currently available thanks to neutron monitors and long-term space missions. GCRs modulation will be studied at different scales, focusing both on short term and long term variations. These activities will be performed by the

WP1610 Short term GCR variations

WP1620 Long term GCR variations