The aim of WP2300 is to build the metadata map, that will contain the information describing the many different datasets, methods and models (products) that will contribute to ASPIS.

Products’ descriptions will be provided directly by the CAESAR scientific task participants, leveraging their experience in using the data to fill in templated documents, where the templates will be provided by NODE2000 in order to reach a homogeneous, standardised collection of resources.

These descriptions will then be collected and ordered into the metadata map. With this conceptual map the ASPIS DB design and realization can be tailored to the DB content and to the needs, inputs and outputs of the methods and models.

Also, this information will be used to create the first version of the Data Management Plan (DMP) document. The DMP document is thought to be a living document, to be updated whenever relevant updates of the information are available, such as changes in the data policy or in the number or the status of ASPIS products. The DMP document will also include the methodologies and data formats.

Last, CAESAR contributes to ASPIS should be easy to reach and use, both for the developer and for the foreseen users. Therefore, a wiki-like documentation structure, with public and restricted access sections will store all the information needed to build and run ASPIS and the manuals for using the APIs, the Web GUI and the module.