Community, education and outreach


This WP is dedicated to educational activity, press and communication activity and dissemination of the main achievements of the ASPIS project.

We foresee the following main activities:

Production of periodic reports and final report to the Coordinator Educational and outreach activity:

  1. participation in the Italian edition of European Researchers’ Night 2023;
  2. organisation of a virtual ASPIS event open to all schools interested in SWE events; preparation of short presentation for high-level education students.

Press and communication activity:

  1. advertising the ASPIS project through national and international scientific media (e.g. media INAF, local outreach events dedicated to SWE, etc);
  2. Participation in European Space Weather Week 2023 with a stand that will demonstrate, at least, one target SWE event case with its data and modelling used to analyse it

Dissemination activity:

  1. Art contest, a live event and social campaign aimed at bringing the public closer to the space weather researchers.
  2. Preparation and publication of headlines on the CAESAR activities