Libraries of models and methods such as solarsoft or, more recently, sunpy have set a new standard on how to use and analyse data. These libraries provide the user with friendly, reliable and documented routines for finding, selecting and accessing the data. Also, those libraries provide tools expressly developed to analyze that data, and with models to interpret that data. Developing and maintaining such a library also for ASPIS would greatly broaden the audience of users, consequently increasing largely the significance of the ASPIS project as a whole.

WP2230 will design and realize a library of functions in Python that will allow access to the data in the DB, plus the whole range of visualization, analysis and models provided by Node1000 WPs, with the aim of easing the access and use of the data collected in the ASPIS DB. This library will be contained in a Python module to download on the user’s personal computer, but could also be used in an online virtualization (e.g. a Python Notebook running on a dedicated server). It is worth to stress that this module can (and will) also contain exemplary python programs with the use cases generated by Node1000.