Docs & Wiki

Of course, a library of functions and, as a whole, the ASPIS project would not be friendly to use without documentation that will be easy to reach and consult, both for the developer and for future users.

The focus of WP2330 will be building a wiki information hub to centralize and distribute all the knowledge generated by and needed to the CAESAR project. On one hand, this Wiki-site will incorporate the description of the different product types from the NODE1000 WPs. On the other hand, it will include the design information of the actual database and its interface realization WPs. Given the large amount and the many connections of this information, it seems reasonable to employ a wiki-page approach, both for its hierarchical structure and for the fact that it can be built by collaborative work. The aim is to create a useful resource both for the participant of the CAESAR project and for the ASPIS users, who will have a complete description of the ASPIS infrastructure, data, models, and methods already available on this wiki.