The Photosphere

The WP 1110-photosphere investigates the connection between the features in the solar photosphere and the occurrence of the main SWE drivers (flares, CMEs, SPEs).

The WP 1110 exploits features extracted from photospheric intensity, velocity, and magnetic field maps in concomitance with the occurrence of SWE relevant events.

The images necessary for identification are acquired from different instruments, both linked to large projects from space (e.g. Solar Orbiter-PHI, SDO/HMI) and ground based (e.g., IBIS, Catania Observatory), and proprietary instruments (e.g., TSST synoptic telescope). The WP 1110 performs calibration of TSST intensity and velocity maps and LOS magnetograms of full disk images for selected region of interest.

The WP also provides an estimation of the space radiative environment at 1 A.U. (TSI) and at different distances from the Sun.

Full disk Dopplergram from the TSST