Solar Wind Perturbations

The focus of WP1220 is on studies aimed at improving the knowledge of some key physical processes occurring in the interplanetary (IP) space and having an impact on Space Weather (SWE). Turbulence and intermittency nearby IP shocks are studied for SWE related events at different heliographic locations (e.g., L1, at STEREO, and close to the Sun at Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe locations) to the aim of gaining insight into the effects of these processes on particle acceleration (Chiappetta et al, 2021). Data from currently available spacecraft, including high resolution observations from Parker Solar Probe, Solar Orbiter, and BepiColombo, are also utilised to assess the alfvenicity of solar wind streams by analysing the correlation between velocity and magnetic field fluctuations and verifying the condition of nearly incompressibility (D’Amicis et al., 2007). Another topic addressed by this WP is the evolution and propagation of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) in the IP space. This is done through a probabilistic drag-based model (P-DBM; Napoletano et al., 2018) with the aim of evaluating the CME characteristics at arrival at Earth and other planetary environments. Moreover, at these locations, the large-scale magnetic configuration of the CME interplanetary counterpart (ICME) is obtained through a Grad-Shafranov reconstruction (Hu & Sonnerup, 2002; Benella et al., 2020).