idnameExternal/ InternalDescription
int2130.1Product ingestion InternalProduct is present in ASPIS, either as model, method, data or metadata
int2130.2Mirroring: synchronised InternalReplicating the data available elsewhere, with near real time (NRT) updating
int2130.3Mirroring: bulk staticInternalReplicating the data available elsewhere (no NRT)
int2130.4Scheduled computation InternalRunning code on scheduleevent (e.g., NRT feature extraction from images)
int2320.1Data ConversionInternalConvert the original data format to ease management, download and use
int2320.2Metadata mappingInternalDiscovery and managing descriptions and relationships of data, models and methods
ext2220.1Standard Visualisation: Web GUIExternalVisualization on the Web Application. It includes data manipulation and light computation (e.g., power spectra)
ext2220.2Standard Query: Web GUIExternalPerforming queries to select data based on a pre-set number of specifications
ext2220.3Download: Web GUIExternalDownloading data as a whole or selected by a query from the Web Application
ext2220.4NRT visualisation: Web GUIExternalVisualization of data in NRT on a dedicated Web Application page for monitoring activities
ext2220.5On demand computation ExternalRunning code on user request
ext2230.1Advanced Visualisation: ASPIS.pyExternalVisualization via Python functions. It includes extended data manipulation and analysis (e.g., data filtering)
ext2230.2Advanced Query: ASPIS.pyExternalPerforming queries to select data using the whole number of available specifications through Python functions
ext2230.3Download: ASPIS.pyExternalDownloading the data as a whole or selected by a query through Python functions
ext2230.4Computation: ASPIS.pyExternalRunning models and analysis methods available through Python functions
ext2330.1Wiki: documentationExternalDescriptions and specifications available on a dedicated Wiki page